After an Emergency

Once the emergency has been dealt with by the emergency services, the recovery of you, your community and businesses become priority.

Actions to consider once you have arrived home:

  • check your house on returning home, the same as you would when you return home from holiday
  • contact your insurance company if appropriate
  • contact the relevant water, gas, electricity or telephone company as appropriate
  • speak to your neighbours, ensure your community is on the road to recovery

Please be aware that a number of the Local Authority’s services may be involved in dealing with the response to the emergency and the recovery. Therefore services may not continue to be provided as ‘normal’ during and immediately after an incident.

Available support

You will not be on your own, support will be available. This can be accessed through the local authority and charitable organisations. Keep listening to your radio to hear more about the available support.

Following a major emergency, those affected, whether they have been directly involved, are friends and family of those involved, or have been affected in any way, often need assistance to get back to normality. This may take the form of a centre, helpline or webservice. More information on the types of assistance and support available will be published after an incident.