Industrial Incidents


Neath Port Talbot is an historically, heavily industrialised area. The emergency services and other responders, such as the Local Authority have standard procedures to deal with these type of incidents.

Most sites are regulated by the Health & Safety Executive and the Environment Agency to ensure that industrial sites are safe. One of the regulations is called Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH). These type of sites require a plan to respond to a major accident affecting the site and reduce the impact on the surrounding community. Health and Safety Executive – COMAH

Before an emergency

Specific sites, identified by the HSE, will contact the neighbours and communities near their site and provide them with relevant guidance regarding actions to take during an emergency. If your property is within the Public Information Zone, the site will have contacted you. If you have any questions contact us.

During a Major Accident

If you are located within the Public Information Zone (identified by the Health & Safety Executive), the emergency services and the site operator may contact you to:

  • go indoors and close all doors and windows
  • turn off all ventilation systems and extinguish all naked flames
  • ensure all sources of ignition are turned off, i.e. central heating systems, pilot lights, electric appliances, burning, welding/cutting equipment
  • only leave your building in the event of fire or major damage to it
  • tune in to local radio for information
  • ensure that any visitors to your premises are made aware of any instructions given
  • follow any instructions given to you by the emergency services
  • if advised to do so, be prepared to evacuate and follow instructions given

After an emergency

See: After an emergency